Frequently Asked Questions

Our standard Fiber Containers and Bowls were designed and manufactured to hold most type of foods for several days, pick a sample and try it by yourself is the best way to make sure they will work for you.  You can also choose the option of a Lined Container (see 24oz or 28oz 2-C lined rectangular container) for high liquid meals. This clear lining provides the container an extra layer for additional strength in case it is necessary.

Most of Lids are sold separately from the bottom so that you are not forced to buy it unless you need it. Many restaurants and food establishments use our bowls and containers as serving dishes and lids are not needed.  

Absolutely. In fact, Simply Pak have helped many Meal Prep Business to switch from plastic into a more Eco-Friendly alternative at the lowest possible price of the market.

Most of our products are certainly compostable and some of them as the Lids (made of PET) are recyclable. We also sell other standard Plastic products since there is a huge demand of them, however, we strive to promote sustainability at the lowest possible price and make the switch easy for you. The final decision is in your hands.

Yes, we do have samples available to order on all our collection, you can order a samples kit (we will send 1 sample for most of our products) or you can also choose the ones.

As a company we must collect and remit sales tax unless you submit a certification of exemption from sales tax in the checkout page. Once we receive the certificate, we will flag your account as tax-exempt and you will not have to pay taxes in future orders. In case you have any further questions,  you can also call us at (786) 560-8342.

Our containers and bowls made from Sugarcane are Microwave Safe. The Lids, however, are not unless specified.

Our container and bowls made from Sugarcane are Oven Safe.

It will depend on the amount of liquid they receive and the time they hold it but even if they get soggy, they will still hold the food and will never rip apart. For Take-Out food you should be ok and for Meal Prep Business we recommend you to put the sauce in a separate portion cup or you can always use our Lined Container that they doesn’t get soggy no matter how much liquid you put in there. Remember our Standard and Lined 24oz and 28oz 2-C Container are interchangeable, meaning you can use them both depending on the meal you will cook.

We can ship internationally for bulk orders.

You can place a bulk order (+ 30 cases) which is normally shipped in a pallet using an LTL Carrier, we would need you to send us an email at with your order details and shipping address (specify if it is residential) so that we can calculate the final shipping cost.

Free shipping doesn’t really exist, most of companies add high profit margins to his products, making them very high priced so that they can absorb the free shipping. In Simply Pak, our company policy is to keep our profit margins at the lowest possible so that our customers can see what the real price of the product and the shipping is, which eventually bring savings to them.

All items may be returned if the items are unused and in the original case. Our products are used within the foodservice industry, and due to food safety regulations, we cannot accept opened cases unless the products were shipped by mistake or they got damaged in shipping. We recommend our customers to try out our samples before placing the order that you can make sure you order the right size and shape you need.

You can send us an email at or give us a call at (786)560-8342 and a member of our team will gladly assist you.