Did you know that adding certain worms to your compost could be beneficial?

Since the beginning of the time, worms have been working hard to break down organics waste and giving back nutrients to the soil. Worms play a key role in composting by helping to decompose organic materials. Some types of worms, like red wigglers, can even speed up the process of decomposition in appropriate conditions and make the waste ‘’disappear’’ relatively fast.

A compost pile is like a mini-ecosystem with big amounts of microbes, bugs, fungi and worms working in the rotting process. Even though they could eat almost any organic waste, some foods, like fruits and vegetables, are safer for the worm bin since they will decomposed quicker and will not attract pests to your composting. Adding worms to the composting is currently used widely by most commercial dairy farms since it is considered one of the most efficient ways of processing manure.

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